All the products as displayed may vary in size as all are hand thrown on the wheel or handmade with slabs. The process is a long process. Once a product is thrown on the wheel it has to stand for about a day to dry so it can be worked off and smoothed out. The drying process can be anything from a week to a month depends factors such as weather, and what they comprise of, should a product like a candle stick have a handle they have to dry a lot slower as the handles have to set slower otherwise they break off.

Once dried the raw products are hand designed with underglazes and some with oxides. Once designed they are put into the Kiln and fired to Bisque the temperature is about 950 Degrees and takes about 8-10 for the firing.

The kiln takes about one and a half days to cool down before you can open it. If you open it earlier the products crack with the sudden cool air.

The products are then quality tested and dipped in the glaze ready for the glaze firing. The kiln is then repacked and fired to glaze temperature of 1120 degrees this can take up to 9 to 10 hours. The glaze kiln cools down approximately for 2 days. After this the products come out completed and ready.


All Olive Bowls have olives written on the inside along with a motif. The inside bowl is for the olives and the outside rim is where you will put the pips as when you eat olives you never know where to put them. Specifically designed to be used for h

Salad Bowls are all hand thrown on the wheel and are glaze fired up to 1220 Degrees. Various sizes and designs are available.Mixed colours, ethnic designs and can customised.
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