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What about Riaan Botha that is so amazing

Starting art classes in school I never did pottery as it wasn’t offered as a subject.

I started pottery privately with a lady in the area I automatically fell in love with the process and feel of the clay. Continuing with  pottery classes to improve my knowledge and experience. I then perfected the wheel work as well as slab work. I also did some Raku work as well. I had found my passion.

I then purchased my first kiln a baby one I made hand work like ornaments for the garden and the like. After school I worked for a company in Saldanha as a training potter this is where I started mastering the art of wheel work. I then progressed and made handcrafted pottery in Hartenbos and did lots of the markets in the area as well as supplying shops.

In between the Pottery business I have done various art lines, such as managing flower shops and had my own florist for many years which I then closed and started working as a Bridal Consultant, the company closed down. My other passion is cooking hence I went into that and made lunches for offices and catered for parties for private functions.

I then restarted with my pottery and I now have a 6 cu foot kiln as well as wheel. I throw, design all my own products nothing is moulded and I can genuinely say that I feel my products are unique and offer great character.  I have a few shops that I supply and they are very happy with products that I provide which I hope you will be as well.

Collecting ceramics is more than just owning beautiful objects. It is also about gathering stories, following an artist’s growth, and fueling one’s intellectual curiosity.



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